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Patient Information


This document is completed on your first visit. You provide us with your personal details, general medical condition, current medication use, surgical history and possible allergies. It also gives us the necessary information regarding your medical aid.

This document is a communication tool that doctors use to refer a patient to us. It will contain the necessary information regarding your medical conditions and the reason for referral.

We will gladly assist you with your need.



You will receive a quotation that you need to submit to your medical aid for authorization. You need to supply us with the authorization number to confirm your theater booking.

Please complete and fax the hospital form for pre-admission.

You will need to bring the following for admission:

1. Medical Aid Card 2. Authorization Number 3. Main Member’s ID Document
The patient is not allowed to eat or drink 6 hours prior to the surgical procedure.  You must have an empty stomach for anaesthetic safety.
Please arrange for somebody to take the patient home 2-4 hours after the operation as he/she will not be able to drive. (Not compulsory.)

Please Note: If any of the above is not honoured (unless stated otherwise), the patient will not be admitted to hospital.

If we have not seen you for a consultation, please report to the rooms before admission. Please bring along all the necessary x-rays and home medication if possible in the original packaging.

Admission Forms

Good luck and we wish you a speedy recovery.